Jar Shaped Pouches


Frosted Clear / Clear


150gm ( 145mm (w) x 222mm (h) x {35mm + 35mm} (bg) )



We manufactures fully customization shaped product which is known as “Custom Shaped Pouches”. We produce this types of pouches totally in customized shape, sizes and colors. This Shaped Pouches are absolutely suitable for the brand/product or material. This kind of pouches comes with various options such as capable for Stand Up, Resealable, handle and fitments.

Technical Information: Shape is Easy Composition to Grip, Bottle Shaped, easy to pour, Cartoon Shaped, Built-in Handles, Spouted, Easy to Squeeze Shapes

Uses in Markets: For Snack Food Packaging, Health and Beauty Products Packaging, Pet Food & Treats Packaging, Protein Supplements Packaging, Dry Ingredients Packaging, Cosmetics Packing, Nutritional Supplements Packaging, Tea & Coffee Packaging, Candies Packaging, Detergents & Liquid Shop Packaging Drinks And many more!

Features & Options : Resealable zippers, Hang holes (euro slots), Gloss or matt finishing, Laser scoring, Transparent window, Degassing valve, Rounded corners, squeezable shapes, Built-in handles and Spouts for liquid packaging. You can able to stand different from the crowded market with our Custom Shaped Pouches. We are increasing our manufacturing and sales due to the very good response of our Custom Shaped Pouches. You can get advantages of custom shaped pouches to promote your brand with trendy way.